A very important aspect of movements and campaigns is the solidarity that grows around them—locally or internationally. Fortunately, the Freedom for Dr. Biscet Campaign has witness such signs of solidarity from various parts of the world. Here are some of our friends who have not doubted for a single second to mention Dr. Biscet, his situation, and the situation of the Cuban people, to others in whatever part of the world they are located.

Emilio Estefan
Miami, FL- United States

With much pride and gratitude, the Freedom for Dr. Biscet Campaign received the excellent news that the musician, businessman, and overall grand Cuban, Emilio Estefan, wanted to sponsor the campaign. During the meeting between Estefan and various members of the campaign (among them Winnie Biscet and multiple former Cuban political prisoners), he expressed his generous and sincere desire to help out with the campaign, as well as his interest to join it as the “Patron”. He also created the slogan of the campaign: “Silence is Freedom’s Worst Enemy”, which is the reason why this campaign will not remain silent for one moment, as it diffuses the Cuban reality, and the reality of Dr. Biscet, throughout the world.


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