Italian Award Named in Honor of Dr. Biscet


The Italian pro-life association, “Scienza & Vita” (Science and Life) has named an award in honor of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet.  The prize was recently awarded to two Italian journalists.

The president of the association, Dr. Cristian Ricci, granted us an interview in order to explain his decision of choosing the name of Dr. Biscet to represent such an award, while also telling us what his organization is about.  It is another act of international solidarity in favor of the liberation of Dr. Biscet and the freedom of Cuba.

The interview:


Cristian, please tell us a bit about the organization which you represent, “Associazone Scienza & Vita.”

Pontremoli – Lungiana Scienza & Vita (Life & Science) Association is a local association that belongs to the federation of associations known as Scienza & Vita. In Italy, there are more than 100 of these groups. The purpose of the association is to defend life from the moment of conception to natural death, through a cultural battle.

Why has your organization decided to name this “Premio Letterario” after Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet?

We believe that to defend life it is necessary to reaffirm the true talent of femininity- the ability to give life. With this in mind, for 2 years now we have established a national literary prize named “Donna è Vita” (Woman is Life), and within the various categories, this year we awarded the “Literary Prize Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet”.  With this prize, we aim to recognize the value which can be revealed by books, which, through evidence and facts, prove that the “right” to die is an ideological creation and does not accord with what is fully human.

How did you become aware of the situation of Dr. Biscet?

I discovered the story of Dr. Biscet thanks to the efforts of other Catholic Italian associations.  Such associations are bringing the story of this great man to light.

Please explain to us about the recipients of the prize this year and why they were chosen to be awarded.

The winners are two Italian journalists, who write for the newspaper Avvenire.  They are Pino and Lucia Bellaspiga Ciociola, who in 2009 published the book “Eluana. The Facts” which told the sad story of Eluana, also known as the Italian Terry Schiavo. Indeed, in 2009 in Italy, the first girl was killed by euthanasia. The authors have shown that her “desire” for death was actually artificially constructed. These authors have defended life, like Dr. Biscet, against judges and politicians. They have shown that euthanasia is not natural for human beings and that, overall, laws which go against life are inhumane. The winners, in respect of the human truth, were able to face the current with courage, just like Dr. Biscet.

Who has previously been awarded?

In 2009 the Literary Prize “Donna è Vita” (Woman is life) was awarded to the book: “The strength of a fragile life” by Sophie Chevillard Luz. It is narrated with the voice of courage and love that a mother shows to her daughter, who was born with a serious malformation and that doctors wanted to abort.

As we know, Dr. Biscet is currently in prison for defending human rights. If you had the chance to speak to him, what message would you like to give him?

I would say: “Thank you for what you are doing for human dignity and for your people. From this sorrow you can one day create a new Cuba, but most importantly of all, one day, thanks to your life, many young people can make sense of their own. You’re giving dignity to your people! My daily prayers are with you, so that you may always have Grace and strength. Thank you for accepting what God has asked of you for the good of your people. Italian people appreciate you and are with you ”

Thank you Dr. Ricci.

To visit Associazoone Scienza & Vita’s website,  click here:


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