A Grand Honor and a Grand Help

Dr. Alberto Fibla, former Cuban political prisoner for 28 years and the president of the Campaign for the Liberation of Dr. Biscet, has written a flawless summary of a piece of great news in regards to the campaign – the sponsorship and solidarity of the grand Cuban musician and businessman, Emilio Estefan.

Here is his article, which he has published on Diario las Americas:

Silence, Freedom’s Worst Enemy

The recently established Campaign for the Liberation of Dr. Biscet has just taken a great step forward in the accomplishment of a long list of goals.

Various members of the Campaign have met with the distinguished businessman Emilio Estefan at his offices to discuss the objectives of the group in regards to the liberation of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and the rest of the Cuban political prisoners.  The warm welcome, on behalf of Emilio Estefan, has been beyond marvelous.  I think a better word to describe it would be sublime.  And this easily be understood right away when one meets him.

Emilio harbors a profound devotion for the Country, which is evident to those who meet him.  This is a virtue worthy of praise.  That is why we all understood each other so well, to the point that he quickly offered us to be the sponsor of the Campaign.

It is clear that he is a man who values time in terms of minutes and seconds, which is perhaps how he has reached the summit of success in his career.  In truth, it is very satisfying to have met a man like him.

At one point in the meeting, we walked into his ample recording studio.  We members of Biscet’s campaign then recorded our faces and voices into a camera for a short film soon to be published on our official web site.

In a clear sentimentally driven speech, Winnie, the daughter of Biscet and the most relevant pillar of our campaign, told the cameras, “They robbed me of my father simply because of his beliefs in freedom.  I am only asking for help from generous people.” She then finished off her part by saying, “silence is freedom’s worst enemy,” a phrase which each member of the campaign members repeated in their own interviews, including our proud sponsor, Emilio Estefan.

These words have remained as the slogan of the Campaign, because it is known that the achievement of freedom requires voices, and requires screams.  It requires ideas that could speak and scream, for a silent country is an enslaved country, victim of the most brutal form of oppression.

For all of this, we are asking in our noble goal of achieving freedom for the political prisoners.   This is why we have turned to the sacred Bible, in its Book of Hebrews, in which chapter 13, verse 3 reads: “Remember those who are imprisoned as if you were imprisoned along with them.”


Dr. Alberto Fibla

Miami, FL

[Left to right] Raul Arencibia (former political prisoner and personal friend of Biscet); Rodolfo R. San Roman (former political prisoner and president of the Casa del Preso); Winnie Biscet; Emilio Estefan; Dr. Alberto Fibla (former political prisoner and president of the Campaign); Betsy Gonzalez (Campaign member)


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