The painful scars left by Castro-communism

Winnie Biscet has informed us that her grandmother, Hilda Gonzalez (mother of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet), is currently in a critical state of health, remaining in bed while she suffers from a chronic depression since she does not know what will be the fate of her imprisoned son.  Due to his choice of not accepting exile from his country in exchange for his liberation, Biscet, together with 11 other political prisoners of conscience, have remained locked away behind the bars.  Recently, 2 other prisoners from this group, Luis Ferrer and Arnaldo Ramos, were released- Ramos with an extrapenal license, “unconditionally”, and with the opportunity to remain in Cuba, while Ferrer has chosen to take the path of exile towards Spain, along with his family.

The uncertainty which hangs over the family of Biscet has dramatically affected them, pushing his elderly mother to the point of desperation.  Ironically, today, November 17th, is Hilda’s birthday. But she will not spend it full of happiness, celebrations, and good times.  Instead, this humble woman will have to continue praying to God that she could soon see her son, and her country, in freedom.

From all of us at this blog, we would like to wish her, within the context of her situation,  a very happy birthday, along with lots of good health.  We would also like to let her know that we will pray for her critical state and for the situation of her son, along with the rest of the prisoners of this group of brave fighters.

God bless Mrs. Hilda Gonzalez, her family, Dr. Biscet, and all the political prisoners of Cuba.

Here is a personal message from Winnie to her grandmother:

“My dear grandma, I wish that you have a birthday full of good health and all the blessings you deserve for being such a wonderful person.  I love you so much!”



[From left to right] Biscet’s parents- Nivaldo Biscet and Hilda Gonzalez; Raul Arencibia (fromer political prisoner of conscience); Gloria Ibarra


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