Winnie Biscet represents her father, Dr. Biscet, at Christian event.


DSCN1878-1.jpg picture by Rabgarcia23

Winnie Biscet together with ex-prisoner of concience, Raul Arencibia Fajardo, at the Biltmore Hotel, Miami.

The night of Friday, November 12th, was one filled with emotion for Winnie Biscet, the daughter of the peaceful Cuban civil rights activist, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, who is currently in prison in Cuba for defending human rights for all Cubans

Upon arriving to the Biltmore Hotel of Coral Gables for the Christian event being held by the Hollywood Prayer Network, “A Night of Champions and Hollywood”, Winnie knew that it would not be easy to talk about her father in front of so many people without being filled with a whirlwind of sadness and other emotions.

A brief trailer of the documentary, “Oscar’s Cuba”, made by American director Jordan Allott, was shown to all those who were present- among them various American film stars and athletes.  After the video, Winnie took the stage to share some words with the audience about the dramatic story of her father, Dr. Biscet.

As soon as she began to talk, Winnie Biscet’s voice was filled with emotion.  However, she completed her speech, which was short but full of passion and sentiments.  The audience then supported her with a public display of solidarity- a standing ovation. 

Here is the speech which Winnie shared with the audience about her father:

My father said to the world in 1999

“To love one’s neighbor is also to love one’s enemy. Although in reality that qualifier-‘enemy’ does not exist in my vocabulary. I recognize that I only have adversaries and I have acquired the capacity to love them because in this way we do away with violence, wrath, vengeance, hatred and substitute them with justice and forgiveness.”
For as long as I can recall, my father has always been an outstanding parent. I remember that, ever since I was a little girl, he would always talk to me about the word of God. In 1996, when I was only 8 years old, my father gave me a Bible as a gift, so I could further learn about the words and thoughts of the prophets, as well as their experiences. Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet has not only been an admirable patriot, but also a loving father and a well-rounded Christian. Ever since he has been jailed, God has given him the strength to spread his gospel to all the common prisoners which reside all around him. My father teaches the prisoners about God without the least bit of fear, for he knows that God is with him. During the earlier stages of his imprisonment, the authorities did not allow my father to have a Bible, but after much prayer, his objective was achieved and he was finally allowed to carry his beloved book. Together with his bible and his faith, he has been able to survive, relying wholeheartedly on the only omnipotent and celestial source which has given us life.

As a little girl in Cuba, he would always read me the story of Jonas, making sure to always explain the moral of the story. My father has always been a humble, honest, and sincere man who has always found comfort in spreading the word of God. He is well aware of the great things that God is capable of, and this is why he has no fear. He has always been grateful to God for having been present in his life through the difficult times and the good times- even when he has been locked up in a dark, humid, 3 by 6 foot cell, which he is confined for demanding that human rights be respected in Cuba for all Cubans. In addition, he has also fought for the rights of the unborn child- this was actually the reason why he was revoked of his medical license and for why he was first thrown behind the bars.

He is a peaceful man who has never raised his fists to counter brutal physical blows. Instead, he has prayed for forgiveness for his oppressors. That is why he is now a political prisoner, being held in inhumane conditions. And that is why I am here, asking for help with my campaign for his release, so that my father can once again be a free man like he deserves to be. Above everything else, the main reason he should immediately be liberated is because of his health. He is currently suffering from high blood pressure, chronic gastritis, loss of vision, the loss of most of his teeth, and has multiple wounds throughout his body due to the horrid conditions he is kept in, there in those prison cells shared with rats. His only desire has been to be a free man in his own country, not in exile like so many people have offered him. He will continue his peaceful struggle from within his beloved Cuba.

According to the Cuba regime, my father was set to be released last Sunday alongside other political prisoners. Instead, there has only been silenced.

I have told you about who my father is- an excellent parent and a Christian whose faith in God is what keeps him alive. But now I am asking you to please help me in my father’s campaign to achieve his unconditional freedom. What I am asking for is to spread the word- visit the blog for Dr. Biscet’s campaign (, visit the campaign’s official web site , and tell everyone you know the story of my father and all those who promote freedom. Please do not allow for silence to keep my father in jail, for like the slogan of my campaign says, “Silence is the worst enemy of freedom”.

May God bless you all and thank you very much for allowing me the time to share my words with you.

I leave you all with a phrase from King Solomon which my father would commonly reference:

“Trust God in everything and with all your heart and do not depend on your prudence. Recognize Him in all your travails and He will straighten your ways, don’t consider your own opinions wise, fear God and avoid evil and it will be medicine for your body and food for your bones.”


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