Italian Parliament shows their Solidarity with Cuban Political Prisoners

Massimo Polledri, member of the Italian Parliament, has called on the parliament of his country to assist in the release of Dr. Biscet. Parliament responded today, claiming that they are officially committed to fighting for the release of Dr. Biscet and all of Cuba’s political prisoners.

God bless Polledri and all who fight for this cause.

The audio may be heard here:

Signs of Solidarity from Italy

In December 2010, the Italian doctor and Parliament member, Massimo Polledri, penned a letter to the Italian Foreign Relations Ministry so that Italian governors and politicians could join the efforts of the Freedom for Dr. Biscet Campaign.

Here is letter, translated into English:


Dr. Biscet is a Cuban doctor of the black race, leader of the peaceful movement of civil right who is struggling to establish a state based on fair laws in Cuba through non-violent civil disobedience. He is the president of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights, an organization founded in 1997, which is considered illegal by the Cuban authorities.

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet was released from prison on October 31, 2002 after serving three years in a maximum security prison for peacefully protesting in favor to defend human rights. Thirty-six days after his release, he was arrested again in Havana when he was about to meet with a group of activists to discuss the subject of human rights. He was locked away in a cell with common criminals. While in prison, He was included in the repressive wave of the Cuban government carried out against 75 independent journalists, editors and human rights defenders, which took place between the months of March and April 2003. All were sentenced under rapid and unjust trials, and were imprisoned for terms up to 28 years.

Since 1998, this doctor has suffered physical and mental torture in various prisons for refusing to follow the disciplinary measures designed for the common prisoners. Dr. Biscet is a political prisoner of conscience and demands to be treated and considered as such. He is currently serving a combined 25 years in the Combinado del Este Prison, a maximum security prison in Havana.

Dr. Biscet is an example of human rights violations suffered by all those who dare to defend the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Cuba.

Dr. Biscet has been arbitrarily imprisoned 26 times by the Cuban government in a matter of 16 months–from July 9, 1998 to November 3, 1999. He has been incarcerated in jails where depravation is rampant, he has been denied light and food, and has been mixed with prisoners who are either mentally insane or who are criminals. Most times the government has not informed the family of his situation.

Dr. Biscet was brought to trial on February 25, 2000 for announcing a peaceful march along with other human rights defenders which coincided with the Ibero-American Summit in Havana in 1999 where he gave a press conference in which the Cuban flag were exposed upside down as a protest for the human rights violations in Cuba. Dr. Biscet was accused of “dishonoring national symbols”, of”disorderly conduct” and of “incitement to criminal conduct “and was sentenced to three years in prison under these pretexts.
He was later moved 450 kilometers east of Havana to “Cuba Sí”, a maximum security prison in the province of Holguin, far away from his family.

Dr. Biscet served a sentence of three years in “Cuba Sí” and was released on October 31 2002 only to be arrested again on December 6, 2002, when he was about to meet with human rights activists with whom he wished to promote a project called “Club of Human Rights Friends.”

On April 7, 2003, Dr. Biscet was subjected to a trial along with 75 other activists and was sentenced to 25 years. He was transferred to “Kilo 8” prison in Pinar del Rio, where he was confined from November 13, 2003 to January 15, 2004 in a basement cell.

Since then, on December 1, 2004, Dr. Biscet was transferred to the Combinado del Este Prison in Havana, where he is currently detained in inhumane conditions.

During all these years in prison, Dr. Biscet has refused to comply with any applicable rule or provision imposed by the penitentiary judges to common prisoners and not applicable to a political prisoner of conscience. For example, he refuses to wear the uniform of a common criminal and refuses to abide by the imposition of greeting prison officials. For this reason, the judicial authorities have violated his (supposedly) mnadatory rules of prison visits, have denied him the right to write to his family, and to receive or make phone calls.

Dr. Biscet is in a delicate state of health because he suffers from hypertension, chronic gastritis, cholesterol, and a gradual loss of vision, all of which he never previously before suffered from. The hygienic conditions in the prisons he has been in have caused him injury to his epidermal cells. He has also lost most of his teeth due to a severe gum disease that requires urgent treatment.

Dr. Biscet has won numerous awards in his fight for democracy. First, The U. S. International Republican Institute Award for Popular Democracy was given to him on February 5, 2003. In November 5, 2007, he was the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. On December 12, 2007, Germany granted him the “Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt recognition”. Similarly, the Czech Embassy in Washington DC paid tribute to Dr. Biscet on February 27, 2008. The Life Science Association Pontremoli – Lunigiana (Italy) named a literary award in honor of Dr. Biscet.

Dr. Biscet is one of several Cuban political prisoners who will only accept an unconditional release and will never agree to go into forced exile. More than 50 political prisoners were released and deported to Spain during the months of July to October 2010 after the Catholic Church entered agreements with the Cuban government, achieving to release political prisoners only if they accepted exile. Many of the Cuban passports of these political prisoners and their families (children) have been printed by the Cuban government with the words “final exit” on them. These political prisoners have never been forgiven of the “crime” they never committed and the unjust sentences imposed by the Cuban courts have never been cleared.

So I ask:

Is the government following the situation of Dr. Biscet and other prisoners of conscience of the Castro regime? What steps can and should be taken at the international level to support the campaign for the release of Dr. Biscet and all those who, like him are fighting in Cuba in a non-violent way for the affirmation of fundamental rights and are paying first hand for this under the repression of Castro?

Deputy Massimo Polledri”

Dr. Biscet Speaks

A couple of weeks ago, Oscar Haza conducted an excelent interview with Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet for his program on channel 41, “A Mano Limpia”.  Dr. Biscet spoke directly from prison, via phone, and touched upon his current conditions, his hope to soon see a free Cuba, and reassured that he will not cease his pacific and pro-democratic projects once he is released from behind the bars.

This is the video of the interview, with English subtitles:

Italian Award Named in Honor of Dr. Biscet


The Italian pro-life association, “Scienza & Vita” (Science and Life) has named an award in honor of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet.  The prize was recently awarded to two Italian journalists.

The president of the association, Dr. Cristian Ricci, granted us an interview in order to explain his decision of choosing the name of Dr. Biscet to represent such an award, while also telling us what his organization is about.  It is another act of international solidarity in favor of the liberation of Dr. Biscet and the freedom of Cuba.

The interview:


Cristian, please tell us a bit about the organization which you represent, “Associazone Scienza & Vita.”

Pontremoli – Lungiana Scienza & Vita (Life & Science) Association is a local association that belongs to the federation of associations known as Scienza & Vita. In Italy, there are more than 100 of these groups. The purpose of the association is to defend life from the moment of conception to natural death, through a cultural battle.

Why has your organization decided to name this “Premio Letterario” after Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet?

We believe that to defend life it is necessary to reaffirm the true talent of femininity- the ability to give life. With this in mind, for 2 years now we have established a national literary prize named “Donna è Vita” (Woman is Life), and within the various categories, this year we awarded the “Literary Prize Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet”.  With this prize, we aim to recognize the value which can be revealed by books, which, through evidence and facts, prove that the “right” to die is an ideological creation and does not accord with what is fully human.

How did you become aware of the situation of Dr. Biscet?

I discovered the story of Dr. Biscet thanks to the efforts of other Catholic Italian associations.  Such associations are bringing the story of this great man to light.

Please explain to us about the recipients of the prize this year and why they were chosen to be awarded.

The winners are two Italian journalists, who write for the newspaper Avvenire.  They are Pino and Lucia Bellaspiga Ciociola, who in 2009 published the book “Eluana. The Facts” which told the sad story of Eluana, also known as the Italian Terry Schiavo. Indeed, in 2009 in Italy, the first girl was killed by euthanasia. The authors have shown that her “desire” for death was actually artificially constructed. These authors have defended life, like Dr. Biscet, against judges and politicians. They have shown that euthanasia is not natural for human beings and that, overall, laws which go against life are inhumane. The winners, in respect of the human truth, were able to face the current with courage, just like Dr. Biscet.

Who has previously been awarded?

In 2009 the Literary Prize “Donna è Vita” (Woman is life) was awarded to the book: “The strength of a fragile life” by Sophie Chevillard Luz. It is narrated with the voice of courage and love that a mother shows to her daughter, who was born with a serious malformation and that doctors wanted to abort.

As we know, Dr. Biscet is currently in prison for defending human rights. If you had the chance to speak to him, what message would you like to give him?

I would say: “Thank you for what you are doing for human dignity and for your people. From this sorrow you can one day create a new Cuba, but most importantly of all, one day, thanks to your life, many young people can make sense of their own. You’re giving dignity to your people! My daily prayers are with you, so that you may always have Grace and strength. Thank you for accepting what God has asked of you for the good of your people. Italian people appreciate you and are with you ”

Thank you Dr. Ricci.

To visit Associazoone Scienza & Vita’s website,  click here:

A Grand Honor and a Grand Help

Dr. Alberto Fibla, former Cuban political prisoner for 28 years and the president of the Campaign for the Liberation of Dr. Biscet, has written a flawless summary of a piece of great news in regards to the campaign – the sponsorship and solidarity of the grand Cuban musician and businessman, Emilio Estefan.

Here is his article, which he has published on Diario las Americas:

Silence, Freedom’s Worst Enemy

The recently established Campaign for the Liberation of Dr. Biscet has just taken a great step forward in the accomplishment of a long list of goals.

Various members of the Campaign have met with the distinguished businessman Emilio Estefan at his offices to discuss the objectives of the group in regards to the liberation of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and the rest of the Cuban political prisoners.  The warm welcome, on behalf of Emilio Estefan, has been beyond marvelous.  I think a better word to describe it would be sublime.  And this easily be understood right away when one meets him.

Emilio harbors a profound devotion for the Country, which is evident to those who meet him.  This is a virtue worthy of praise.  That is why we all understood each other so well, to the point that he quickly offered us to be the sponsor of the Campaign.

It is clear that he is a man who values time in terms of minutes and seconds, which is perhaps how he has reached the summit of success in his career.  In truth, it is very satisfying to have met a man like him.

At one point in the meeting, we walked into his ample recording studio.  We members of Biscet’s campaign then recorded our faces and voices into a camera for a short film soon to be published on our official web site.

In a clear sentimentally driven speech, Winnie, the daughter of Biscet and the most relevant pillar of our campaign, told the cameras, “They robbed me of my father simply because of his beliefs in freedom.  I am only asking for help from generous people.” She then finished off her part by saying, “silence is freedom’s worst enemy,” a phrase which each member of the campaign members repeated in their own interviews, including our proud sponsor, Emilio Estefan.

These words have remained as the slogan of the Campaign, because it is known that the achievement of freedom requires voices, and requires screams.  It requires ideas that could speak and scream, for a silent country is an enslaved country, victim of the most brutal form of oppression.

For all of this, we are asking in our noble goal of achieving freedom for the political prisoners.   This is why we have turned to the sacred Bible, in its Book of Hebrews, in which chapter 13, verse 3 reads: “Remember those who are imprisoned as if you were imprisoned along with them.”


Dr. Alberto Fibla

Miami, FL

[Left to right] Raul Arencibia (former political prisoner and personal friend of Biscet); Rodolfo R. San Roman (former political prisoner and president of the Casa del Preso); Winnie Biscet; Emilio Estefan; Dr. Alberto Fibla (former political prisoner and president of the Campaign); Betsy Gonzalez (Campaign member)

Ambrosio Hernandez interviews Winnie Biscet

At 6pm on Friday, November 19th, Telemundo (Channel 51) will air a very personal interview of Winnie Biscet with the acclaimed Cuban journalist, Ambrosio Hernandez.

During the interview, Ambrosio expressed his profound respects for Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and all the Cuban political prisoners, as he attentively listened to the emotional words of Winnie, while they both went through family photographs of Biscet in Cuba, before his arrest.  Winnie explained the details of the campaign for her father’s liberation, his current condition behind the bars, and the difficulty her family has had to face during the elongated imprisonment of Dr. Biscet.

Winnie Biscet and all the members of the campaign are extremely grateful of Ambrosio Hernandez and Telemundo 51, as they have offered us a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Don’t forget to tune in on Friday night at 6pm.

Winnie with Ambrosio Hernandez.

The painful scars left by Castro-communism

Winnie Biscet has informed us that her grandmother, Hilda Gonzalez (mother of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet), is currently in a critical state of health, remaining in bed while she suffers from a chronic depression since she does not know what will be the fate of her imprisoned son.  Due to his choice of not accepting exile from his country in exchange for his liberation, Biscet, together with 11 other political prisoners of conscience, have remained locked away behind the bars.  Recently, 2 other prisoners from this group, Luis Ferrer and Arnaldo Ramos, were released- Ramos with an extrapenal license, “unconditionally”, and with the opportunity to remain in Cuba, while Ferrer has chosen to take the path of exile towards Spain, along with his family.

The uncertainty which hangs over the family of Biscet has dramatically affected them, pushing his elderly mother to the point of desperation.  Ironically, today, November 17th, is Hilda’s birthday. But she will not spend it full of happiness, celebrations, and good times.  Instead, this humble woman will have to continue praying to God that she could soon see her son, and her country, in freedom.

From all of us at this blog, we would like to wish her, within the context of her situation,  a very happy birthday, along with lots of good health.  We would also like to let her know that we will pray for her critical state and for the situation of her son, along with the rest of the prisoners of this group of brave fighters.

God bless Mrs. Hilda Gonzalez, her family, Dr. Biscet, and all the political prisoners of Cuba.

Here is a personal message from Winnie to her grandmother:

“My dear grandma, I wish that you have a birthday full of good health and all the blessings you deserve for being such a wonderful person.  I love you so much!”



[From left to right] Biscet’s parents- Nivaldo Biscet and Hilda Gonzalez; Raul Arencibia (fromer political prisoner of conscience); Gloria Ibarra

Winnie Biscet represents her father, Dr. Biscet, at Christian event.


DSCN1878-1.jpg picture by Rabgarcia23

Winnie Biscet together with ex-prisoner of concience, Raul Arencibia Fajardo, at the Biltmore Hotel, Miami.

The night of Friday, November 12th, was one filled with emotion for Winnie Biscet, the daughter of the peaceful Cuban civil rights activist, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, who is currently in prison in Cuba for defending human rights for all Cubans

Upon arriving to the Biltmore Hotel of Coral Gables for the Christian event being held by the Hollywood Prayer Network, “A Night of Champions and Hollywood”, Winnie knew that it would not be easy to talk about her father in front of so many people without being filled with a whirlwind of sadness and other emotions.

A brief trailer of the documentary, “Oscar’s Cuba”, made by American director Jordan Allott, was shown to all those who were present- among them various American film stars and athletes.  After the video, Winnie took the stage to share some words with the audience about the dramatic story of her father, Dr. Biscet.

As soon as she began to talk, Winnie Biscet’s voice was filled with emotion.  However, she completed her speech, which was short but full of passion and sentiments.  The audience then supported her with a public display of solidarity- a standing ovation. 

Here is the speech which Winnie shared with the audience about her father:

My father said to the world in 1999

“To love one’s neighbor is also to love one’s enemy. Although in reality that qualifier-‘enemy’ does not exist in my vocabulary. I recognize that I only have adversaries and I have acquired the capacity to love them because in this way we do away with violence, wrath, vengeance, hatred and substitute them with justice and forgiveness.”
For as long as I can recall, my father has always been an outstanding parent. I remember that, ever since I was a little girl, he would always talk to me about the word of God. In 1996, when I was only 8 years old, my father gave me a Bible as a gift, so I could further learn about the words and thoughts of the prophets, as well as their experiences. Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet has not only been an admirable patriot, but also a loving father and a well-rounded Christian. Ever since he has been jailed, God has given him the strength to spread his gospel to all the common prisoners which reside all around him. My father teaches the prisoners about God without the least bit of fear, for he knows that God is with him. During the earlier stages of his imprisonment, the authorities did not allow my father to have a Bible, but after much prayer, his objective was achieved and he was finally allowed to carry his beloved book. Together with his bible and his faith, he has been able to survive, relying wholeheartedly on the only omnipotent and celestial source which has given us life.

As a little girl in Cuba, he would always read me the story of Jonas, making sure to always explain the moral of the story. My father has always been a humble, honest, and sincere man who has always found comfort in spreading the word of God. He is well aware of the great things that God is capable of, and this is why he has no fear. He has always been grateful to God for having been present in his life through the difficult times and the good times- even when he has been locked up in a dark, humid, 3 by 6 foot cell, which he is confined for demanding that human rights be respected in Cuba for all Cubans. In addition, he has also fought for the rights of the unborn child- this was actually the reason why he was revoked of his medical license and for why he was first thrown behind the bars.

He is a peaceful man who has never raised his fists to counter brutal physical blows. Instead, he has prayed for forgiveness for his oppressors. That is why he is now a political prisoner, being held in inhumane conditions. And that is why I am here, asking for help with my campaign for his release, so that my father can once again be a free man like he deserves to be. Above everything else, the main reason he should immediately be liberated is because of his health. He is currently suffering from high blood pressure, chronic gastritis, loss of vision, the loss of most of his teeth, and has multiple wounds throughout his body due to the horrid conditions he is kept in, there in those prison cells shared with rats. His only desire has been to be a free man in his own country, not in exile like so many people have offered him. He will continue his peaceful struggle from within his beloved Cuba.

According to the Cuba regime, my father was set to be released last Sunday alongside other political prisoners. Instead, there has only been silenced.

I have told you about who my father is- an excellent parent and a Christian whose faith in God is what keeps him alive. But now I am asking you to please help me in my father’s campaign to achieve his unconditional freedom. What I am asking for is to spread the word- visit the blog for Dr. Biscet’s campaign (, visit the campaign’s official web site , and tell everyone you know the story of my father and all those who promote freedom. Please do not allow for silence to keep my father in jail, for like the slogan of my campaign says, “Silence is the worst enemy of freedom”.

May God bless you all and thank you very much for allowing me the time to share my words with you.

I leave you all with a phrase from King Solomon which my father would commonly reference:

“Trust God in everything and with all your heart and do not depend on your prudence. Recognize Him in all your travails and He will straighten your ways, don’t consider your own opinions wise, fear God and avoid evil and it will be medicine for your body and food for your bones.”

Winnie Biscet to speak about her father at Christian conference- Miami, FL

Winnie Biscet has been invited to speak about her father, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, at a conference being held by the “Hollywood Prayer Network” (HPN), which will take place this Friday, November 12th, at 7 pm in the Biltmore Hotel of Coral Gables, located at 1200 Anastasia Ave.

The “Hollywood Prayer Network” is a Christian organization which has defined its goal as “praying for the people and the projects within the entertainment world, which has lots of influence over our society”.  Their website could be visited at

Various stars from the world of sports and entertainment, like Don McNeal and Kevin Anthony, will be present to talk about how Jesus Christ has impacted their lives and professions.

Winnie Biscet will speak about her father after a trailer of the documentary “Oscar’s Cuba”, made by producer and director Jordan Allott, is presented to the audience.  This film depicts the harsh reality of Cuba and of Dr. Biscet, a devour Christian.

We will have more information here, in this blog, after the event.

El Nuevo Herald: Article About the Campaign to Free Dr. Biscet

By Juan Carlos Chavez

Winnie Biscet, daughter of the Cuban prisoner of conscience Oscar Elías Biscet, launched an international campaign to demand for the immediate release of her father, sentenced to 25 years in a maximum security prison.

“We ask for his unconditional release,” said Winnie, age 22. “And to achieve this we are opening a website and a blog. I want people to know him not only as a patriot, but also as a father.

Winnie is also sending a letter to president Barack Obama asking for his help, and for him to denounce the abuses against Biscet. By Wednesday, she had already collected over 300 signatures.

“I miss my father terribly. I fear for his health and safety. But I support his decision, his continued resistance to tyranny and his strong commitment to freedom and human rights for all Cubans,” her letter said. “Please, Mr. President, join us in this fight and do so publicly, because your support will help to make all the people of the world aware of this injustice.”

Exile organizations, such as Former Cuban Political Prisoners Organization, have joined the call for his unconditional release. The president of the group, Rodolfo Rodríguez San Román, said the release should not be contingent on his leaving the country.

“We are going to fight for him, for freedom without exile,” Rodriguez said.

Biscet is one of at least five political prisoners who have refused to leave Cuba under the current process of releases, which began after talks between the island’s Catholic Church and the government. Incarcerated since 2003, in the Combinado del Este prison in Havana, the 48-year-old Biscet is one of the prisoners most critical of the Cuban government. He started his opposition in 1986, shortly after graduating in medicine. In November 2007, former president George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Freedom Medal, in absentia.

Biscet gained international fame when he released a document condemning the indiscriminate use of the drug Rivanol in Cuba, a drug intended to induce abortions.

See the original interview here.